Matchstick is an Ottawa-based multidisciplinary design company that specializes in interiors, furniture, and small products. With a focus on contemporary design, Matchstick strives to create innovative products and spaces for both residential and commercial clients.


Laura Langford has a passion for art, design and creative construction. She is a graduate of Dalhousie University with a diploma in Costume Studies; the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Arts; and a diploma in Furniture Craft and Design from Sheridan College. She has combined knowledge and experience from all three learning environments to create her own unique design aesthetic. Laura strives to explore the synergies between different materials and is fascinated with the interaction of texture, structure, and utility. Attentive to aesthetic detail as well as overall style her goal is to produce objects and spaces that balance form and function. 

Brendon Taylor is a problem solver. He holds an advanced diploma in Furniture Craft and Design from Sheridan College and a degree in Structural engineering from Queen’s University. Brendon’s goal is to consider all of the myriad ways that users experience an object or space and incorporate design details that elevate those experiences. Aesthetic details can improve function. Tactile details can improve the users emotional experience. All of these considerations effortlessly intersect in a well-designed object.